The Cambodian Dormitory and Education Project

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CDEP Vision
A comprehensive environment where the process of learning will accumulate in an integrated understanding of the core subject matter and how it is inter-related to other areas of knowledge, focusing on science, engineering and healthcare education.

CDEP Mission
The Cambodian Dormitory and Education Project, CDEP, in concert with local, regional, international institutions and partners, promotes science, engineering and healthcare education for the development of Cambodia. Saving lives through health and education, doing it sustainably with appropriate technologies and locally available resources.

CDEP Guiding Principles
Establish an environment which promotes integrity, trust, accountability and teamwork; training and retaining high caliber people with mutual respects and professionalism.

Establish a culture that instill integrated and comprehensive learning process; broad spectrum collaborations through innovative thinking and challenge assumptions.

*****We apologize for the sparse information on this website. We are restructuring our website and our organization. To our supporters, it has been an amazing ten years. Tor our potential and new supporters, please email us if you like to hear more and participate in our activities. Thank you for your support and generosity.*****
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