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CDEP has evolved over the last ten years to encompassed many aspects of Cambodia’s development. Here is a brief background and the context for CDEP I wrote ten years ago. 

Once I was in Cambodia, I tried to find historical context and links from the past. The predecessor of JICA,  Ajia Kyokai (アジア協 会), sent a team to Cambodia in March ~ April 1956. Here is s brief summary of the team composition. If you are interested in more detailed documents, please send us email to the address above.

Organization Name: Ajia Kyokai (アジア協 会), The Society for Economic Cooperation in Asia, established 1954.

Team leader was Mr. Iwata Yoshio (岩田喜雄). Mr. Iwata was an agriculture development specialist with long experience in South East Asia.

Other members were:
Mr. Kondo Kenzaburo (近藤謙三郎)
Mr. Takebe Eiji (武部英治)
Mr. Okuda Noritomo (奥田教朝)
Mr. Yamamoto Masao (山本将雄)
Mr. Kuramochi Hiroshi (倉持博)
Mr. Urabe Kiyoji (浦部清治)

They visited Cambodia in March-April 1956.
 *Visited Kirirom on March 18th by car
 *Aerial observation March 23rd
 *Camped March 24th to 27th

Mr. Iwata met King Sihanouk on April 7th
Mr. Iwata met Sam Sary (father of Sam Rainsy) twice during his stay in Cambodia

Mr. Pelens (ペレン), a French geographer developed the Kirirom, during the Japanese team visit, he no longer was active in Kirirom and was running a hotel in Phnom Penh.

CDEP is located here:  (103.9697711574376,11.1828180192364). Please note the Kirirom Electrical Supply Store to the East and Thmor Roung National Resort to the West. CDEP is located at midway between these two locations. 
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