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We come (Welcome, which ever you prefer) to 2003! FoB! So much energy and enthusiasm!

2003 - The Honey Moon
“Honeymoon is a trial period in which no complaints will be accepted.”  ― Vikrant Parsai
I packed up my life and moved to Cambodia in 2003. A good man, a friends was murdered and I wanted to know and understand why? I made a promised to myself to learn as much as I can and do what I can to help.

Ten years later, I am still learning and trying to help Cambodia. I am still an infant when it comes to understanding Cambodia.
I am very fortunate to be able to tag along with researchers Mr. Chan Sophal and Kim Net when I started in Cambodia. They traveled all over the country and I was able to see Cambodia with no filter and learn! I am in-debt to them and I am very grateful that they took the time to explain to be Cambodia situation.
As a tourist, we don’t get to see the ‘going on’ in the backroom. I felt privilege during my travel to get to see every aspects of Cambodian’s life, from the shock of open field toilet to digging for spiders and just everything else in between! Some of it edged in my mind until today!

Social activities and making connections is important in Asia. Ability, skills and knowledge is important, but connection is what makes Cambodia turn. I participated in many social activities, but decided not to drink. I have not drank since 2003!
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