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Enthusiasm and energy starts to wane, a need to establish a more permanent basis to do more impactful and meaningful activities. I thoroughly enjoyed these times roaming around, asking questions and learning. It is times to start real work!

2005 - Hope at last!
“I like the night. Without the dark, we'd never see the stars.” ― Stephenie Meyer, Twilight

Biodigester, 20 cubic meters! Notice the pig's house in the background. We are able to raised 20 pigs in the middle of the city and produced plenty of methane!

Trying to save the forest.. or what is left of it in some part of Cambodia. I joined the Cambodian Fuelwood Saving Projects. CSFP was the first organization to conduct CDM Project in Cambodia. I was the analyst responsible for the project.

Oyama! The beginning...with two students and three workers from our house in Phnom Penh, I set out with determination! Everyone though I am crazy to go to the middle of nowhere when I can be comfortable in Phnom Penh.

The first week was very tough... we persevere and a semblance of normalcy emerges.

The bridge to the toilet :-)!

Find a place, dig a hole, do your business and bury it! 

Easier said than done!

The Generator! All hail the generator! 

Local expert arrived to give advise on how to use it! 

Starting to conquer nature after a few months!


Amazing scenery!

Night life!
Trying to get a signal to make a phone call. Quite a challenge than. Now we even have mobile Internet!

Meanwhile back in Phnom Penh, the girls enjoy dancing.

Boys take care of garden, feeding the pigs and grow sapling for Oyama.

Many of the fruits tree at Oyama has it's origin here!

Notice the square brick box? All the seeds started here!
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