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Have found a place, making it suitable for living, teaching and conservation is not easy. Takes tremendous amount of resources and will power.

2006 - Pathfinder
“Maybe I will do what I want with my life!
The only problem is that I have no idea what I want to do with it.” ― Orson Scott Card, Pathfinder

These puppies grow up very fast! They are now our guard and have since produced many more puppies guarding Oyama and Phnom Penh! The parents cam from Mr. and Mrs. OM Paul, Om Radsady older brother and sister in-law.

Sustainability in Phnom Penh?


Solar cooker and drier! Made from cardboard boxes!

Notice the windmill on top ot this tree,  400 watts!

Meanwhile at Oyama... Renewable energy, semi modern bathroom and more development. Pig’s house and biodigester next to it.

Conquering nature and adapting ourselves to her :-).

Semi permanent structure.

Make way! I thought it was a good idea to use the left over wood to make a path. Little did I realized that the little jungle critters and slitterers also agreed.

Good idea, BAD OUTCOME!

There is a story behind each picture. One of these years I will write a book about it.

Temporary hydropower site.

Prey Proseth elementary school! We had two of my students teaching English at the school. This is their first end of school year together.

An accident that change the course of my activities! It happened on Nation Road No. 4, notice the motor bike came apart! A total of six were injured that day and there was not a single ambulance or medical personal responded for hours. I did all I could with nothing on hand. Except some Clorox I just bought for cleaning and some cleaning towel!

Something had to be done!

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