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Our health center finally have a name, Graphis Health Center, GHC. The final stage of the construction was going very SLOW. ON of the factor is MONEY!. During 2008 ~ 2010, Cambodia was undergoing a construction boom! Everything costs at least 5 times more than before. I remembered 10K pieces of bricks costing over $2300.00 USD and we would have to wait several months for delivery! We were very blessed with the assistant from an NGO of professional builder in Taiwan who helped us with supplies and manpower to finish GHC! Thank you FORMOSA GROUP! My hero!

2010 - Optimism
“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” ― Anne Frank
A private bus decided to drive off the road. We ere lucky that not many were  injured. We had one broken leg and minor cuts and bruises and was treated at  the scene. Cement truck collides with an 18 wheeled container. Many were injured, 12 dead
and 3 chidren were rescued 18 hours later!Member of RRC 711  had an accident. Minor surgery performed at Hun Sen Bun Rany new OR!Coat hanger was used to fix his bone! Shock! Incredible!
The Health Center final construction continues with the help of Formosa Group! Volunteer professional builder building home throughout Taiwan during their free time on weekend! The started work immediately! Very Professional and friendly group of people! I am in debt to them! THANK YOU!
OUCH! We had a few minor accidents with the construction team.
Graphis and Formosa together!
Back to work! A birthday cake and entertainment!
Almost ready.Lights ON!Nicely DONE! THANK YOU!!
First user of the health center! A group of American nurses and nursing students from University of Michigan-Flint! 
The official opening ceremony. NDMC, Taiwan medical students and doctors volunteer!
Health Center FIRST Trauma Patient!J-Hearty! Student Volunteers from Shizuoka Japan!
J-Hearty helping us out with construction. Thanks guys!Graphis! Planting Graphis mangoes! Well DONE!
Back to work with Dr. JEN  of NDMC.Another trauma patient! 
The beginning of Prey Proseth Elementary School renovation. Kids had to use the community meeting hall as their temporary classroom. 
The never finished volunteer house! More infrastructure... the 
almost finished bridge!Community and elementary school health outreach with our volunteers!
(left) May, our volunteer from Hong Kong preparing the nursery!

(Right) Two administrators from CGMH visiting! A birth of an international  cooperation!
Dr. Tsuchiya, tropical diseases specialist! 
It's just beautiful!
Calmette Hospital and Chamka Leur Provincial Referral Hospital! Freshly minth ambulance and crew! Welcome to the team guys!

Prey Proseth Elementary School renovation officially begins: power system, tile floor and new bathrooms!
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