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The Khmer has an expression “It’s impossible to wake a person who pretends to sleep”. This is what it feels like going into the new year. Despite the training and equipment, some of our team members just don’t do their job. The excuses are always vehicle is busy or they are on a mission! The reality is that we do have shortage of fuel, it’s expensive and we can’t always afford it.

2012 - Development
“Everything can be explained to the people, on the single condition that you want them to understand.” ― Frantz Fanon, The Wretched of the Earth
My second home, a fully equipped mini-ambulance. Another long distance patient transfer with PNH Team.
One BIG problem, besides other BIG problems with emergency team is the lack of medical review and counseling for the emergency team, an emotional pressure cooker.
An act of kindness! What happened with you have a van and bus frontal collision in the middle of the night? A logistic nightmare! Pelvic fracture was very difficult to manage, we had to use KED to keep her pelvic together!
Daily routine by GHC staff!
Sterilization! After 8 hours in a pressure cooker, most bugs will die. The trick here is to pre-heat the pot first before putting in the instruments.
Thank you for helping us to fix a leaking roof!Srey Pich, welcome to your life!
Welcome back American nurses again!

GHC... we were called The Center of Hope by some news paper. YEAY!?
Meeting at SPF Office, Shibuya Rotary, got invited to a very nice dinner and finally found Gyu Udon! YUMMY!
Made in Cambodia
Multi-patient transport ambulance. We are able to care for four injured patients simultaneously and have enough room to move around. We hope to make more of these vehicles for Cambodia, but we don't have the money. So this is the first and hopefully not the last.
Hiroshima University students coming to CDEP and GHC to learn more about Sustainable Development with Appropriate Technology, SDAT.

A few of the original Graphis  students are now doctors! I'm glad to see them coming back to see what hey have helped started.

Yamaguchi University Medical Students!

Community outreach services with the Yamaguchi University medical students and GHC staff.
UK volunteers with NDMC medical students. Truly International.
SPF training and examination for the Pre-Hospital Emergency Team! We were able to successfully work with military, police and civilian agencies under one emergency umbrella! KUDOS to everyone for getting things done!
No less important! Origami School kids donated blood to save lives! Thank you!

Dr. Hashi & Team visited Calmette Hospital
Afterward Dr. Hasshi Team visit Secretary of State Dr. Heng Tay Kry and Director of National Maternity Child Health in Phnom Penh to learn about the current situation in Maternity and Child Health in Cambodia,
Gift from Japan! Thank YOU!

Japanese crown prince visited Cambodia!
Hand over ceremony for two Ambulances supported by Shibuya Rotary Club to Calmette National Hospital!

Thank you for helping save lives!
SPF training continues in Phnom Penh, we are beginning to start training the future trainer!
SPF visit to the province to work with the local referral hospitals and police for Pre-Hospital Infrastructure Development in Cambodia!

Thank you to the SPF staff and Japanese experts who tirelessly work to help Cambodian save lives.

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