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Current News:

July 17th, Departing to Cambodia via ICN. Another Long flight

July 15th, will have a meeting with Osaka Rotary Club to discuss Rehabilitation Project.

July 12th, Sai Ya and Srey Pich, our longest term patient, mother and daughter finally were able to rejoin her family in Takeo! It has been a long ordeal for her.
Each year  we try to pick an over all "mood" going into the year . The quotation should give you a good idea of what we expect.

2014 - Uncertainty
“I think it's much more interesting to live not knowing than to have answers which might be wrong. I have approximate answers and possible beliefs and different degrees of uncertainty about different things, but I am not absolutely sure of anything and there are many things I don't know anything about, such as whether it means anything to ask why we're here. I don't have to know an answer. I don't feel frightened not knowing things, by being lost in a mysterious universe without any purpose, which is the way it really is as far as I can tell.” ― Richard P. Feynman

Jun 25th, back in Japan. Different color flowers from the same bush! Amazing fragrant!Was having dinner , guess who walked in! Couldn't resist a photo with him! Thanks!CDEP's Pharmacy!

Rehabilitation Pool. Almost complete!

Random scene at Oyama. Every has it's usefulness! From noni to guava.
Sustainable living require a change in lifestyle and conscientious resources allocation. It is easier to espouse sustainable living than actual practice.
The last of Graphis mango. We know who took it!Biwa, possibly the only one
in Cambodia? Useful plant!Yamaguchi University Medical student's Papaya!

Waiting for my flight to PNH via BKK. Very early morning arrival. BKK airport feels deserted and desperate.

Splurged on blueberry waffle at 'Orange' near the Senate.

Phnom Penh traffice, organized chaos!

GHC Rehabilitation Pool various stage of construction

Local Tough Guy (LTG)
New Patient.
Mysterious death!
Pissed off with her husband, took a motor bike for a quick spin.

My Bed and 'home'.

Rehabilitation house & Yoshinoya at PNH!

RI 2660 meeting in Osaka! Thank you for your support.

The people that keep GHC ship-shape. Thank you!Nurses and Patient!
Welcome to 2014! My first accident response!
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