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CDEP established our headquarter Prey Proseth Village  in 2005, it is known informally as Oyama (). You can follow news of our activities in News.

Health Center providing medical care, rehabilitation and palliative to the poor at no cost and to those who have means at a reasonable costs. In addition to healthcare provision, rehabilitation and palliative care, the Health Center provides training to medical staff from other institutions and internship for medical students.

Pre-Hospital  Emergency Medical Services System development and operation in partners with the Royal Government of Cambodia.

Sustainable Development with Appropriate Technology, SDAT, focusing on teaching and practicing SDAT in all aspects of our daily activities:

   Animal Husbandry
   Primary Education
   Science and Engineering
   Health and Medicine
   Pre-Hospital Emergency Services
   Ambulance Design & Development
   Trauma (ATLS)
   Palliative Care

Internship and volunteer program are available for those who are willing to practice and live a sustainable lifestyle in a natural and unpolluted environment.

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